Monday, August 27


One of the key things that I talk about in many of my Evolve to Live Playshops (Self-Discovery through play!) is perspective or point of view.

Like ass-holes, everyone has one! Everyone has one and it's very likely different than yours. 

It doesn't mean that it is right or it's wrong, better or worse, just different! 

I looked up the word perspective in the dictionary:
the state of one's ideas, the fact's known to one. I thought that it was interesting, the state of one's ideas or the fact's known to one. They kept using the word one's ideas or the fact's known to one. Every- one is different! 

I was cracking up yesterday as I was helping my sister and brother-in-law do some weeding at the side of their house. We all three had a different point of view of the best way to accomplish the task. The area was full of crab grass, very tall, thick, crab grass. The night before my sister and I had decided a weed wacker would be the best approach. A friend gave us one, a little baby one, which did very little.

When I arrived the next morning, my sister was using hand clippers, very clearly not working too well either.

So I began using brute force, just pull those suckers out at the roots! (These weeds were over waist high). 

My brother-in-law came out with his lawn mower! I had to laugh as I listened while my sister tried to tell him how to try cutting it another way.

While pulling, I reflected, we were all doing the same job, getting the same results but we were all doing it from our own point of view, from our personal experience of how it has worked best for us in the past or from an idea about how it could work this time. 

I think that it's important that we allow ourselves and others the opportunity to do things the way that each of us as individuals see fit. However, I also think that it is equally important that we communicate with each other about how we are doing things. 

When we can communicate without fear of rejection or ridicule, it brings enlightenment to both sides of the fence, each person can learn and grow. Each person can contribute without conflict or irritation.

Using team work, we were able to accomplish a job that had just been neglected because the project was overwhelming for one person to do alone. And by us all working together, doing our own thing, the end result was a fun morning and beautiful side yard and about 10 large bags of weed clippings! (It will be interesting to see the different perspectives on what the best way to dispose of it are:) 

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