Monday, August 20


Last we left off, I had driven 4 hours to LA from AZ when I realized that I couldn't find my phone. When I went to look for it in my backpack where I usually keep all my technological paraphernalia.

Heading back to Tucson, I began to accept what I talk about, that everything is in Divine Order and I turned the car around, heading BACK to LA! Are you dizzy yet?  This is what I call spinning in chaos!
Can't make up my mind, my perceived choiclessness keeps me in question!

However I moved through it quicker this time! It didn't even take 5 miles for me to relax into and make a conscious decision about what I was choosing. I choose to trust and continue on my journey as planned! 

When I finally stopped for gas, I searched the car, wanting to be sure of what I had left behind. There down the side of my massage table I could see the top of my native american flute. Ah, that was in the backpack! After further digging, I discovered my computer:) I opened it up and signed into ICLOUD. I click the "Find my phone button," and it showed that it was in my car...somewhere! 

The best part of the story? I was so happy that I had trusted myself and what I knew. 

Can you imagine of my getting all the way back to AZ and THEN discovering that everything was in my car the whole time?  Wow, major gratitude! 

I made it to sunny So. Cal! Oh yeah, and I do have my technology with me so I guess I'll be working while away.  (Which is when I work my best! ask my business coach:) Have a beautiful day! 

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