Thursday, August 9

Hip Hop - The goal? To SMILE!

Hip age 59...are you kid din' me? I had an interest in taking hip hop at the end of the snow bird season here in Tubac last year, but there wasn't enough interest to have a class.

When I returned home from my recent time away, I was pleased to see that I could attend at least two of the new classes that were forming once a week.

One middle aged man had the courage to join the class! Kudos! He came to see if it would be a good exercise program for him.

He was pretty lost and his position behind the young 20 year old teacher was off to the side and so it wasn't too easy for him to see and follow him.  (I've been there!)

At the break he asked me what my goal was for attending this class. I just smiled and said, "My goal is to smile!" and smile for an hour I did!

Did I feel uncoordinated and dense? You betcha! But, it just added to the joy of just simply playing!
I hope when something catches your attention and you have an opportunity to just smile.....I hope you take it!

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