Thursday, August 23

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Too much to do, or perhaps not knowing what to do next. Someone says to you, get a job or loose weight or market your business or send a text or email. 

If you're not familiar with the steps to take to accomplish any goal, someone may as well have said to you, "Fly to the moon!" It's in fact the same; it feels impossible!

I am a world-class organizer! I love it, it comes easy for me and I have helped many people de-clutter and re-organize their homes, businesses and lives.

The month before I left on this current L.A. trip, I was in a major funk with Evolve to Live. I couldn't see my way of what appeared to be a brown paper bag with a twist tie on the end! Nothing was coming together. My business coach was trying to keep my on track, but I was in a cycle, a major funky cycle!

I got in my car, a place of clarity for me, and as I drove to the Big O.C., (Southern Cal), it suddenly became clear. "Pati, you're looking for a job or at least a means of income, I'm going to hire you to project manage Evolve to Live! Who better? You're top in organization, you believe in the product and you have great ideas!" I proceeded to write a letter to myself telling me why I AM PERFECT for this job!

I continued, "Your duties will include Project Managing ETL, The Umbrella. Under which you will be managing 4 teams and I named them. As the PM, you are responsible to make sure that all of the teams get their work in on time and to you so that you can compile all the information on the web, newsletters etc. Each department will work one day a week and be off the rest of the time.

Once I broke it down like this, it became clear and easy. I made a list for all departments, including what they are to accomplish on their day in the office.

Whatever you may feel overwhelmed about in your life, just begin with a step.

When we owned 5 acres, I wanted to fence it. I didn't have the money, however, I did manage to set aside enough money each week to buy 10 metal t-posts and 2 wooden posts and I had my children help me set them each weekend. Eventually, it was ready for the wire, which I hired a handyman to help me put up.

It's by breaking things down that we're able to take the first step.

I love the line in the movie Out of Africa,

"Maybe God made the world round so that we wouldn't be able to see to far down the road."

If we can just see what the very first little baby step is, that is all we need to know in this moment. I promise you, the rest will reveal itself in due time.

Stand on the last brick on the path and simply wait for the next one to appear. 

Enjoy the funk cycles along with the rest, because as with ALL things, this too shall pass!

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