Tuesday, August 28


Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Have you thought that you know that something needs to be done but that you just can't bring yourself to do it?

It becomes easy once you can break it down into small manageable bites.

I have been overwhelmed trying to get Evolve to Live to fly. There always seems to be so many moving parts. I hired a business coach and we've made progress but it seems like it's one step forward and a whole slue back!

I was talking with my friend today and she reminded me of a time we were together and she wanted to clean out her linen closet. She kept insisting that it would take days and I kept insisting, it would take ten minutes. All you have to do is start!

In a situation like that, you have to take everything out before you can put it back in. It's worse before it's better.

On my drive to Southern California, in my white car, the place I get clarity and ideas, I got the brainy idea to hire Pati Hope as the General Manager of Evolve to Live. I mean really, who better to do the job. She is organized, believes in the products and loves people! I even went so far as to write her an official letter as to why she was the best person for the job! (Too bad we can't pay her, YET!)

I gave her a list of the departments that she would be managing and she was to hire the best person for each department. (ME!) She was to have them each work one day a week. She was to meet with them and together they were to decide what the jobs they were to perform on their day in the office.

The subdivisions were (the products and services ETL offers) Sessions/Playshops/Energetic Wellness, stuff like that. Anyway, what that did for me was to break things down so that each division had their time on the top. The GM, still has the business coach to help keep her on track!

Don't know if this helps, but just thought that I would pass it along....Just do it!

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