Sunday, August 19


My new post is about technology, once again. However, it wasn't until just now that I remembered that I was having such an issue with electronics. 

I got up at 2:30AM on Friday to leave for LA. (My new car has transmission issues, it doesn't like the heat! I forgot to tell it that we lived in AZ and traveled over passes whichever direction we were heading in!) I drove 4 hours, half way to my destination when I realized that I couldn't find my phone! It must be in my backpack. So next stop, I checked the back of my car. Couldn't find it easily on the top of my massage table where everything was sitting! HOLY SHIT! My phone, computer and all the journals for my next book, A Year in a Suitcase....they're all missing! OMG! Drive back 4 hours or not....that is the question! 

I started rationalizing. I'm going to be away for 3 weeks! My computer is my business. How can I get by without it? I wanted to finish journal entries, now what? And no cell phone? How can I manage? There are no pay phones anywhere! I can't even call my phone to see if it is in the car! CRAP! 

Ready to leave, spinning in chaos....I decide, I can't live for 3 weeks without technology so I get on the interstate, heading east, back to Tucson. Man, if I drive back for four hours, I'll hit the passes in the heat of the day. (Last time it took 2 extra hours to get home because my car went so slow).  I'll eat 8 more hours of crap food and I wondered if I would even start out again as I didn't have to be there until Saturday evening, I was just going to the beach to play with my daughter and her friends. 

A lightbulb went on: (I always gain clarity in my car!) Pati, why don't you practice what you talk about? Trusting, trusting you and in a Higher Power. Trusting that everything is always in Divine Order. Oh, yeah! I began to think. If I need a phone and computer while I'm away, it will appear. I can go to the Apple store, they can help me put a message of my phone that I'm away for 3 weeks. I can go to the library and use their computer. I know, I can pretend like the library is my office and I keep office hours, which may help to keep me focused! 

I look for the next off ramp to turn around (10 miles away) beginnings! A huge sense of peace came over me....On the road this time!  No technology!! No frustration! A real vacation! 

I head back west and when it's time to get gas I decide to really search the car from top to bottom......(to be continued:) 

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