Sunday, July 1

Self Care 101 -California Dreamin' OC Animal Pet Fair - Balance

My sister volunteers one day a week at the animal shelter in Orange, Ca, along with being a foster home for cats. I go to the shelter and visit her when I'm in town, helping her with any projects she's involved with. Each time, I scour the dog kennels, looking to see if anyone wants to come home with me. (Not at all sure if I want the responsibility and commitment.)
This time, there was a little fella, shitzu mix who we rescued. (The newest staff member of ETL) By the way, he's looking for his name.... (Of course the old saying, Who rescued who? I have been wanting a certified therapy dog since I saw a Youtube about Baxter, The Certified Therapy Dog. This Happy little guy will fit the bill. When I went to his cage and put my hand underneath, he rested his head in the palm of my hand...Ahhhhh. In the new Evolve to Live Playshops that we're creating, he will become a healing component.
So for one of the shelter's major events, I wanted to , 1. spend time with my sister and niece supporting what is important to them, 2. give back for my little doggie and 3. I was expecting to have FUN! Which I did all three. I had an ETL project that I was working on that I had wanted to complete, but knew that I needed a pretty solid block of time to devote to it and so I felt free to take the day off and play with my sister and nieces. (Balance)
Also in practicing balance, (truthfully, just not wanting to miss out on fun things to eat) I consciously (yeah right) chose to eat things not on my dogs, homemade cupcakes and donuts...OMG!!! Consciously, I chose this, well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! There's always tomorrow to try A...G...A...I...N!

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