Thursday, July 12

Self-Care 101 - Balance

Coming to the end of my personal Self-Care 101 Intensive, I had planned a short trip to Vancouver, WA, to visit my daughter and son-in-law who had just purchased their first house, before heading back to AZ. (3 full days)

I found myself in awe of the fact that I could be in Huntington Beach, CA for lunch and then sipping margaritas  in a little Mexican Cabana alongside the Columbia River for Happy Hour with my daughter. 

It was my son-in-law who modeled for me what balance in all areas of life can look like. While I quickly reverted back to my workaholic nature, I was able to see that you can have/do it all, when you practice balance. 

My daughter and my projects were to dig up one side of the front yard, redesign, dig new expanded borders (a mirror for their lives, (expansion) buy and plant new plants; mow, edge, trim all existing plants and bushes and oh yes, pressure wash/stain the front deck. Seemed easy enough! 

Oh yeah, we had also planned energetic face-lifts and massages/energy work for each other! LOL....

Balance: Here's what I saw working first hand. While I got up straight away each morning and went right to work on my projects, which I continued working all the way through the day until dinner, otherwise known as beer-thirty!  (Except when the ice cream truck, a lady in her mini van with a freezer on the passenger seat came by each afternoon.) Now my amazing son-in-law would wake up, have a little bite of something left over from the night before, while he was running his bath.  (He makes some kind of special concoction that he soaks in for an hour minimum, each day while he reads his book.) He then does a project or two, stops and takes the dog to the park/play in the water and even goes to their boat  in-between, he still gets 'work' done! Amazing! Now for the hard work: Practice! 

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