Thursday, July 5

Self Care 101 - Fourth of July at Huntington Beach

As an outside visitor, the 4th of July seems to be one of the biggest events of the year here at Huntington Beach. 

For the past week, I watched as houses, bikes and golf carts started decorating in preparation for the festivities, beginning with a parade down Main Street. 

About 6:30AM, I went for a walk to the pier. I was amazed that there was no parking on the streets anywhere and at the beach, all of the fire pits were taken. On the pier, there were chairs lined up along one side (something new, I understand), for fireworks spectators. Heading down Main St, in front of all of the store fronts, people had used chalk to reserve areas for their families and friends in the parking slots.  Further down, in the residential area, others had used caution tape and stakes to define their areas and there wasn't an empty space anywhere. 

I decided to go to yoga this am and it was fun watching all the decorated bikes heading down to the parade. Parents, children, wagons, anything to make the long walk easier. Everything and everyone was decorated, including the dogs! On my way back from yoga, everyone was leaving the parade. People, People everywhere! 

Being a visitor in town, what I knew is that  I did NOT want to be where all of the people were going to be! My daughter had flown in for the day to be with her friend and so I went A...W...A...Y...from downtown and had breakfast and watched a movie with them. 

By early evening, everyone around town had spent the day partying and it became a bit dangerous just riding your bike. I felt a little sad, missing all of the activities, but I found out that doing what I do best on the holidays is still good for me....sleep! No phone calls, texts or emails to answer, as everyone is having fun with their families and friends. Hey wait! I didn't miss ALL of the activities, I have a 3rd floor sun deck which gave me a 360 degree view of ALL of the fireworks! Happy 4th! 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday however you celebrated! 

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