Sunday, July 1

Self Care 101 - Saying YES

In the Movie, Yes Man, Jim Carey's character had gotten stuck in his ways, saying No to all opportunities that came his way. After being challenged by a friend to attend a YES seminar, he made a covenant with himself to say Yes to all opportunities that presented themselves to him. (This is only good for a period of time. If we're used to saying No to everything, I found that to learn balance, I had to do the opposite for awhile and begin saying Yes to everything. Eventually, I could then check in with myself and ask the question, "Is this a Yes or a No?") Today the lesson in self care was with a younger friend whom I had met nearly 10 years ago when my hair dresser turned my hair brown! Heart attack for me! I came to the beach and was introduced to her and she gave me my blonde back! Whewww, that was close!~ Don't be messing with a blonde's.....blonde!!!!
On my visit this trip she explained to me that she had begun to start saying Yes to opportunities that presented themselves to her. She and I did a couple of really fun things because she said Yes to some new adventures and I said Yes to taking time away from my work.
We went kayaking in the bay, rode bikes along the beach to watch her husband surf, and then to breakfast downtown Huntington Beach. Saying Yes is so much for fun than staying stuck in BORING! Hey, I'm even doing some work too!:)

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