Monday, July 2

Self Care 101 - Try Again - Never Give Up

Dang it! I have to say that I need to try again... with my eating, with my exercise and balancing work projects. In my recent writings I have used the A...G...A...I...N, quite a bit and so I went to  the dictionary for clarity. Once more, another time, in addition, frequent repetition, often.

I liked this picture of the little boy trying to tie his shoes. It reminded me that when we're learning something new, it takes many tries to perfect it, whatever 'it' is!

For me, right now, it's self-care and balance. I spent the weekend balancing some parts of my life and sliding back in others. (I'll spare you the boring details:) I'll just say that I'm never going to give up and I'm going to begin...A...G...A...I...N, yet once A....G....A....I...N!

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