Tuesday, July 17

Self Care 101 - Life Cycles

Paying attention to the cycles in our lives is one way to practice self-care. It's through paying attention and honoring them (cycles), that we are able to give our bodies what they are wanting and asking for.

I had confessed to one of my cousins that I had been in a major contraction (I'm still swinging in and out ) since I turned in my latest project to my editor. (I like the word contraction better than depression, as it sounds a little more romantic, if pain can be romantic.) This is a cycle of resting and introspection. When it's not understood, it can be misconstrued as something that needs fixing. (Certainly there is validity  in looking at cycles from all angles.) I'm speaking about my personal experience. 

I had been riding an amazing wave of energy for the past two weeks. It felt very much like surfing a really big wave and even Hanging Ten! Everything just kept flowing effortlessly on all of my projects.

As soon as I turned my latest project into my editor, it felt like I had a wipe out! Major! Face first, off the nose of the board, now tumbling in the sand! What I've been able to recognize is this is a pattern or a cycle for me.  I'm trying to learn how to just BE in it, not fixing it or glossing over where I am and what I'm feeling. 

I was happy to experience a raise in my energy while teaching a drumming class at a local retirement community. I know that changing the energy range that we are vibrating to can either raise or lower our energy levels. (mood) But what actually amazed me was that simply by being in the vibration of the drums and music my frame of mind drastically changed for the better. I had coffee with a colleague and said, "I'm actually here today, able to talk to you because I went to drumming class yesterday!  

I continue to watch as the cycles in my life unfold, trying to honor each one, but sometimes....it's just about dancing/drumming/singing/playing and surfing! 

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