Thursday, August 4

Hike to Half Dome (Part 2) Kansas, New Energy!

In my last blog, we left off where my gallon of water and food in my backpack were weighing me down and I was falling behind the group while climbing the billon steps to Half Dome. My little Sherpa Angel (my daughter) helped by carrying my pack on her front and her pack on her back part of the way. As a mom, it felt a bit out of order (ego), but as women on a journey together, I felt supported.

We continued the trek… the hares and the tortoise. While my gal pals seemed to sprint and then rest and refuel... I couldn't. So after getting my ego in check... again, I honored what my body was feeling. We continued to pass each other on the trail until about a mile or so from Sub Dome, when even the hares seemed to loose steam.

Then a miracle… We met Kansas. He was traveling alone and had hiked to Sub Dome but couldn't climb Half Dome because he didn't have a permit. My left knee (ego and pride) began hurting ALOT. Getting to the top was one thing, but I knew I had to hike the 8 miles back down. From the beginning, I was never sure that I was going to climb to the top of Half Dome, but on the other hand, I wasn't sure that I wasn't. I had no expectations. My reason for saying yes to the adventure had a little different flair than most. And I knew it from the first moment I set my foot upon the path in the very beginning.

There was alot of time for thinking and I remembered when my children were small we had a motorhome. We traveled… non-stop… from point A to point B. Finally, I had it with being a motorhome stewardess and said to my husband, "Do you suppose that we could enjoy the journey of getting there?"

That's what this trip was for me…. the journey, the experience, the spirit of it all. And from the very beginning, with the curiosity and trust of a child, I had wondered, "What mysteries would be revealed? What magic would happen along the way?"

We invited Kansas to join us back to the top and IF I didn't continue, he could take my spot. His male-supportiveness gave everyone a renewed energy to continue. He'd been to the top… he knew how far it was… his different persective kept our minds occupied until we turned the last bend to see close up… Sub Dome!! Holy Moly… there is an end to this trail!

To be Continued… One more part:)))

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