Wednesday, August 31

2016 Summer Tour of Hope - Conscious Living

As a Personal Transition Specialist, I support others in their journeys to move forward in their lives.
Every situation, without exception, I use as a mirror for personal reflection. How can I improve for myself?

I had a spiritual director say to me years ago, "Pati, if you're going to resist every change that comes into your life, you may as well check out, because you're done! This life is about growth, evolution."

I do not take lightly the trust that clients give me. I try to honor each person's journey as uniquely theirs without judgement, knowing that we all have different chosen paths in this life. And I am filled with deep gratitude that I'm allowed to be a part of their sacred journey. 

Most recently I am working with a client who is making a life change. While supporting their journey, I have also asked myself, how can I use their situation to further my own path of growth. So I took a look my life and asked myself, "Where can I grow?" I decided to take a new look at my codependency issues. I also asked myself, "In light of my client's journey, can I also make a lifestyle change that would be beneficial to my evolution?" 

It may sound trivial, but it's a big addiction for me. Coke! Why? It... like most addictions... has an emotional element. For me... it's a reward. "If I clean... I deserve a coke... if I'm working outside... I deserve a coke... a road trip... fun time... I deserve a coke! So would my life be better without coke? I've been told that I have Adult ADD and I self medicate with coke. So would I be better without coke? I don't know!

But I do know that I will be a better person for consciously making decisions in my life. And so for now, in support of the bravery involved of what my client is claiming for themselves, I shall too claim for myself... A new beginning in every moment and for this moment, I choose to be coke free:)

A doctor said to me about my husband's stroke...

He will only get as better as he is willing admit to needing help!

And it's applicable in my life as well. I will only get as better as I am willing to need help.  I have support resources in my life and that's what I've chosen to do for my life's work, a Personal Transition Specialist. Feel free to contact me if you're in need of support or an empathetic ear!. 

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