Saturday, October 8

One Week Left - Summer of Hope Summer Tour - Discovering Pleasure

On the last leg of my 2016 Summer of Hope Tour, I re-entered the United States from Canada to MN. After a lovely time at one of ETL's Satellite Retreat Places, The Artabout in Whalan I continued south to my friend's lake house in WI in pursuit of discovering what is pleasure! Of course it's different for everyone. The dictionary defines pleasure as a feeling of Happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

The question came up, "How do we sabotage pleasure in our lives?"

Having been accepted on The National Calendar for the month of September to be recognized as Self-Care Awareness Month, (Still many steps to complete), pleasure is something that I wish to define, not only for myself but for our campaign.

We explored the possibilities of what pleasure is, and how our old beliefs, thought patterns, family codes and cultures play a role in our being able to fully experience pleasure. And how it interacts with Self-Care Awareness Month.  Of course, Self-Care Awareness is a bigger umbrella with pleasure being just one element under it.

We talked about what genuinely brings us joy and that giving and receiving should both be included in the pleasure category. It takes both to complete the circle. So while giving can be pleasurable so should receiving.

As I come to the final week of the 2016 Summer of Hope Tour, I'm staying in the moment, savoring every last minute. I find pleasure in housesitting in Kansas and spending time everyday with my mother's sister. But I can't help reflect on the fact that I've had a memorable, pleasurable summer! I've experienced gracious, generous people, been fascinated by many subcultures I've been privy to, made wonderful discoveries and of course learned more about myself.

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