Friday, August 12

THE HEALER - House boat.... Who saved who?

Words Matter. Words having meaning... intention.

My friend's houseboat had been named The Healer when it had its recent remodel. From my experience I could have told you that extraordinary things would be happening with such a powerful name.

The Healer had been bought about five years ago and out of the water for the past four awaiting her face lift. The weekend I came into town she had just recently been launched. So the next weekend, my friend, her sister and I spent the weekend onboard cleaning and organizing while the marina crew was putting on the finishing touches for her maiden voyage. The following weekend, two of my children and their families were in town and we were privileged to be her first passengers.

All excited for the adventure, five adults, two - eleven year old boys and one - seven month old baby girl, along with all our stuff, that spending the afternoon on a boat would entail, boarded the small water vessel. Last minute adjustments were made from the crew and we were underway. With my friend at the helm, we backed out of our slip, turned around and we were off.

Cruising at slow speed out of the marina, all was well. But as soon as we got onto the open water, the least little wake from the ski boats would send water up and over the bow. We weren't really sure why, but we made the necessary weight adjustments by scattering to different parts of the boat. The next wake came and it was so powerful we lost a lot of items to the water. "Run to the back!" came the command and when we did, the engine sat so low in the water it shorted out. The boys eventually got it running again and we puttered ourselves to the nearest cove for an afternoon of splashing around.

Time to pack up and head back... yep... the motor wouldn't start. The boys shifted some batteries around and we were off. In the meantime the crew from the dock had been called and had taken the baby and mama onboard as a precaution. The next wake that came washed everything on the boat through the cabin,out the back and into the water. Then a wave washed over the back and the next command came, "Kid's, jump off! Everyone else, all hands on deck, port side! Sit back and PULL!!!"

What were the secret fears each person brought along that day? They were soon to be revealed as The Healer lived up to her name! (to be continued)

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