Monday, August 15

THE HEALER - House boat - Who saved who? (Part 2)

By now, The Healer, had taken on so much water that she was tipped at a 45 degree angle and the propeller was out completely out of the water. It felt like we were on a submarine... dive... dive....

Once the propeller was out of the water time seemed to stand still. There was an eerie quiet that filled the space. For a hot second it felt like we had lost her. With my friend still at the helm, I begin yelling for her to grab my hand. The water was now up to her chest and all of the kitchen drawers were open and blocking her in. Finally... for whatever reason, she was able to leave the helm and tried to pull herself free. And just then... the miracle... everything began to shift... things no longer seemed hopeless. With everyone on the side and a rope tied to a boat, she began to return upright. For me it was clear... "Oh hell no... this girl's not going down on our watch!"

We were now surrounded by many boaters asking what they could do to help. And in the end, we tied her to land for the night and we were all transported back to the marina.

The experience and potiental healing for each was of course different. There were many little nuances. One in our party said, that a song that we had been playing on our way to the marina came to his mind... sometimes staring death in the face takes its power away.

The boys... got a new sense of self esteem... "We can conquer anything", they told me. WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE THINK! (One of the boys went on the following weekend to place first in his heat at the Junior Olympics.)

The ship's captain... I saw it as an opportunity to show all the nay sayers that she instinctively knew that The Healer had to been taken out to find out that the pontoons had many small pinhole leaks in them, something no one would have known had we not all been on board. I could see that she had been able to stand in her power and strength and say upon our return, "This is my ship and I know what is best for us!" I think my friend is so courageous and from my perspective, The Healer helped to heal what many of us woman struggle with, insecurity... "Did I do it right? Did I listen to my intuition and do what I knew was right for me, rather than listen to the opinions of others?"

And me, I was so grateful to be apart of The Healer's Maiden Voyage with my friend and family. Of course I see the hand of The Divine in everything and for me it was the challenge of, "Oh hell no... she's not going down on our watch! We were a hand picked team of survivors who were not going to give up so easily!"

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