Wednesday, June 26


I woke up this morning, knowing it's my last day in gorgeous San Diego! What happens....a pit in my stomach, a catch in my breath and a knowing that I'll be making a Shift  again.

It seems silly as I know where I'm going and what I'll be doing, so what's the anxiety about? It's not about the not knowing (which has been part of my journey so far) so what is it?

Don't I care? Should I care? 

What I am grateful for is that wherever I the most beautiful place ever...wherever that is! I guess that is living in the moment. Certainly I've stayed in less than lovely places, but there is always something special about where I am...the places, the people, the animals and situations I encounter.  

So while I do have my panty twisting...still...probably always will...I catch them earlier, allow myself to feel them and then breath through them. Then I come out the other side...sooner!

I left for Phoenix this morning and am sitting at the car dealer, waiting for my car to be serviced, (16,000 miles - 6 months old!) I'll be heading to Green Valley, AZ where I'll spend a day before heading to Mt. Lemmon, AZ. Happy Summer! 

I appreciate and love you..thank you for your support...

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