Sunday, August 25

Where's Pati?

Since my last blog, I have in fact landed back in Green Valley, Az in another awesome home for the summer. I found myself in a state of depression, again, as tend to happens every time I shift.

My intention was to finish/start, whatever, my latest book, A Year in a Suitcase.

This summer I've been questioning what and where I'm headed and  and so I have put ETL on hiatus. What is it, and where is it going? Whose is my target audience and how do I promote it?

One of my mentors asked me the question, "How do you see yourself living the next 12 months of your life?" I was really glad that he said 12 months, anything longer would have put me comatose. Surprisingly, I instantly knew.

I'd would be willing to take one year and learn things that I seem to be missing to move ETL forward. To do that, I would need a job and stay in one place! Yes, I said, stay in one place!

So I made a list:
1. Work for Canyon Ranch - as a Program Advisor. Learn as much as I can about it all, including sales, phones, communication and how they move their business forward with social media, etc. Why Canyon Ranch? I feel like we're a perfect fit! I am missing some structure and people in my life and so this could fit the bill. Note to self. Just BE. It's the first "job" that I can say I'm totally excited about the possibility of having.
2. Work with Byron (an accomplished Dale Carnegie retiree)
3. Take the course at Dale Carnegie
4. Take Apple classes and learn Youtube and audio and Powerpoint for Tele seminars.

I was that clear, that quick. So, that's what I'm going to do.

If you want to know where I'll be for the next year. Tucson. Downtown or in the burbs? Or, if things get really magical as I know they can be, I'd be in a lovely home housesitting:)

PS. Today a man from WA state ordered my GPS for Living book. Thank you!! Someone is out there:)

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