Tuesday, January 29

There is no love without forgiveness

I haven't written in a bit as I've been in a state of...well, I hate to use the word depression as I have nothing to be depressed about.

However, this is typical when I take myself out of the familiar and am alone in a new environment with just ME!

It's just like yoga for me. It's in the movements that space is created. And it is in that space that we place our awareness, focus on the breath and allow any feelings that we've kept tamped down the space to emerge.

It's in the movements of my shamanic journey (following the flow of energy) that I create the space to feel what still needs healing. 

When I'm in unfamiliar territory, space has been freed up, I can feel the feelings of being alone, lonely and sometimes even rejected and abandoned. (I wonder if there were no texting, cell phone and email if I'd feel the same...) These feelings are not reality. I know that I am loved and supported. (Thank you!) 

A friend sent me this picture and asked if I agreed. My answer... I think self forgiveness is the most important, hardest and least mentioned. I think that these feelings that have the space to arise in my movement can be connected to self forgiveness, self love and self respect. 

TRAVELING UPDATE: I've spent the past two weeks ripping up old carpet, preparing the floor and laying laminate with my friend here in Huntington Beach. The past two days, I've had the honor of caring for a 2 month newborn baby, a real honor to be a part of this little one's life. He had a lot that he wanted to say to me! Very Sweet. Friday, I am heading back to AZ to be a part of the Physic Fair in Tucson, then back to HB. 

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