Wednesday, January 9


Like all of us, at one time or another, in this life, Simba from the Lion King Movie was struggling to find his own path in life. And like all of us, Simba had tons of support from this side and the other side trying to help him connect the dots of who he is and why he is here on this earth. 

Remember Who You Are...Mufassa reminds his son from the other side.

The movie happens to be on cable the night I arrive at my friend's house in AZ. The statement plays over and over in my mind...Remember Who You Are, as I continually look for someone to tell me what to do! 

I found myself at a Physic Fair on Sunday. I've been invited to be a presenter there but it hasn't worked out in my schedule thus far and I didn't really know what I would present! So before I leave the area I wanted to see what it was all about. 

Looking around, I decided to experience a couple of sessions. I sat in the chair and told the first physic about my trying to decide between several job possibilities. She gave me her take on situations. Then I went for a Shamanic Healing. What I came away with was the fact, (something that I already know but don't trust) is that the answers are inside of me. I need to stop looking for someone else to tell me what to do.

Certainly we have support and guidance in this life from a myriad of places and the fair just confirmed some things that I already knew. Intuitively I know what is right for me all I have to do is to stop, breathe, trust and Remember who I am and where I want to go...achieve in this life! 

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