Wednesday, February 6


I  left Huntington Beach, CA early on Friday morning, 3AM to be exact! I love driving when no one is on the road. Not being able to decide which way to head out, I found myself following the beach route to San Diego. 

The petroglyphs at Painted Rock Road near Gila Bend called to me and I took the detour. I spent some time there in ceremony with Indian Spiritual Energy, after all, it is my 60th birthday and would be my dad's 84th birthday! (We were born on the same day!)

Coming though Tucson, I started to get a bit ungrounded, I had wanted to go to yoga and run a few errands but found myself driving in circles. I noticed what was happening and so on my way further south, I went to San Xavier Mission, lit a candle and spent time in that Spiritual Energy.

From a numerology standpoint, lots of 1's, 3's and 7's were presenting themselves on this trip! Leaving Tuesday.


  1. Pati, I'm glad you have this blog so I can stay current about you and your brave self! I have some big decisions coming up so it's nice to have inspirational role models. I hope we can stay in touch. Judy L. Green Valley

    1. Thank you for reading Judy! Looking forward to seeing you next time I'm in town!