Wednesday, February 13

These 40 Days!

Why 40?

Early astronomers time tracked cycles of 40 days for calendaring purposes and the ancients revered and celebrated these 40 day cycles in their religious practices. (Astronomy).  Remarkably, each passing solar year can perfectly be measured by keeping track of the 40th day. (

There are many examples in the bible where 40 days were significant. For example: It rained for 40 days, Noah opened the door to the ark after 40 days, Jesus fasted for 40 days and was seen walking on the earth after his crucifixion for 40 days.

We are entering into another 40 day cycle, Lent. It begins for many with Mardi Gras, (French for Fat Tuesday), which is traditionally a time of celebration from the Epiphany (when the wise men journeyed to see baby Jesus) to the day before Lent (six weeks prior to Easter; a time of fasting and praying.)

Religious or Spiritual in life, honoring the 40 day cycle can be a way of helping to keep us conscious and present in each moment. Setting an intention (achieving healthier ways of living, (be specific) for example) and bringing it back into our awareness throughout the day is a great way to move through these next 40 days.

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