Sunday, November 25


I just watched the old movie, Evan Almighty. Evan, a newly elected congressman, wants to change the world and he has his own ideas how that's going to happen. When Evan tells God of his plans, God just laughs. 

This newest leg of my adventurous life was for a month in a lovely home in my old stomping grounds, Nevada City, CA.

I knew that I was leaving here, unless a job or housesitting opportunity presented itself. Not having the security of a place to return to, I spent the first week in depression (not trusting)....what's going to happen next. 

I talked with an astrological friend who said that things may not open up for me until Nov 27, the end of a Mercury Retrograde. While I don't get too caught in living my life by what's happening in the sky, I find it interesting to note.

The next few weeks, I was able to settle down and enjoying each moment, breathing through each panty-twist and enjoying my time here, while doing a tad of marketing for my work and visiting old friends.  Well, at least until a friend and neighbor to the house that I'm staying out announced that the owners were coming home on Tuesday! Yeah, this Tuesday, four days from now Tuesday! It was only two days different than what I had thought, but you would have thought they were talking about a month! 

Since nothing has seemed to open up for me and my not actually having any real plans, I decided to leave Tuesday afternoon and head back south, stopping in Oakland.

As soon as I let go of how I thought things should be, later that evening a friend called and told me that she had met an interesting lady who needed help with moving and possibly housesitting. I contacted the lady and she wants to meet on Tuesday, Nov 27 (After mercury retrograde. It's not good to start new projects during this time.) Of course! The day I was planning to leave!  Self-Care note: I told her that I needed to come and see exactly what she was talking about before Tuesday. My old self would have just agreed with her request. 

I meet with her today and my prayer is that it will be really clear if this is a job that is mine. I'll keep you posted:)  Happy Sunday! 

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