Saturday, November 17


As we near Thanksgiving our culture tells us that it is a day to spend with family and friends and to give thanks. Our religions tell us to give thanks everyday. But what happens on the days that there doesn't seem anything to be grateful for. I know, of course, you can always find something. 

I believe that everything happens in Divine Order, so even when things don't go as planned, I think it's to free up space for stuffed feelings and emotions to rise for healing and that something else is on the horizon that is BETTER! However, that doesn't negate the fact that some things feel, well for a lack of a better word, sucky in life.

I just helped one of my daughters move into her her studio in Oakland, a place she loves, a place that feels like home to her. (She went to college there.) Oakland, like all cities has good areas, not so good areas and up and coming areas, meaning people are moving into the not so good areas, buying and fixing the houses and claiming back life-giving space. The whole day that we were moving, she kept telling me not to leave anything in my car.

As you can imagine, making a decision to move and then doing it can leave a person wondering if they did the right thing, especially when the neighbors blared their music the entire first night! The next morning she went to grab a cup of coffee from the neighborhood shop and within five minutes her window was smashed and her backpack and computer were taken.

These are the times when it's difficult to find the blessings and things to be grateful for. 

With the people that I counsel, one of my issues with finding the silver lining in the clouds, (positive thinking) is that while it is absolutely imperative, (in its time) many times we gloss over the feelings that arise when the not so fun things happen. We just stuff them down, creating space for dis-ease to fester. 

These feelings are a gift. (There, there's something to be thankful for!) We have to feel what we're feeling. We have to talk about, analyze and see what other deep feelings and emotions space has been created for them to surface. Then, once that has happened and we've been truly able to let go and forgive, (A hint: it's mostly about forgiving ourselves.) then we can come to a place of real gratitude and thanksgiving. 

This is a beautiful short youtube you may enjoy.
I am thankful that YOU are in my life!  

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