Friday, November 9


Money....what is it anyway? Certainly in our society we have to have it to live, or do we? Recently a friend said to me, "I love the way that you barter to get the things you need and want." 

Bartering has become so second nature to the way that I move through life that I didn't even realize that it is different than how most people live.  I was telling my business coach that I'm always surprised when I travel to hear the concerns of the general population, "These economic hardship times!" I never really notice it. I've gone and done anything that I've wanted. Of course I don't have the regular securities that others may find necessary for their comfort level, like health insurance or retirement. 

I was reviewing my last blog and the statement "I need the money!" was such a ridiculous thing to say that when I reread it, I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD! Of course there is truth in it, but it seemed so desperate! 

Money is simply energy. It is a means of exchange that we use, the same as bartering, to get the things that we need and want. Listening to and experiencing first hand other people's lives and experiences of finances, I've come to the conclusion that it's all relative. The old saying, the more you make, the more you spend, is still alive and well.

I have been allowed the privilege of being able to supplement my income by working part time because I have had the most amazing house sitting jobs. While I treasure my time to work on my own personal projects and the freedom to follow the flow of energy,  sometimes, I do miss the structure of a regular job, the energy of other people and of course the regular pay check! 

I've been on several job interviews in the past week, just walking through open doors to see if anything sticks and trying to really trust that everything is in Divine Order. 

But today... I alternate between strategizing for my projects and wanting to snuggle back to in's cloudy and chilly.....and I thinking to go to Alaska....are you kidding me? Well, at the very least, it would make for great blogging material!)

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