Friday, November 16


"I remember nearly ten years ago, you said to me, You have to set some goals for yourself and I'll set the first one. You have to create a space to call home and it can't be your job!" I say to my long time friend over beer.

When Life Happened to me, goal setting gave me direction. Even now I see the importance of setting goals for myself. If you don't have a goal there is nothing to strive for. 

I hiked the Inca trail in Peru with my son who had a goal to hike Wayna Picchu, a 9,000 foot tall mountain that sits behind Machu Picchu. Although not an easy thing to do, I too hiked to the top as well. When I got there I remember clearly thinking, "If you know what Waynu Picchu is in your life, you can get it!

But I've decided that setting goals is the easy part. Having the vision and clarity for what it is one wants to manifest or create in their lives is a bit more challenging. 

In the movie, Chasing Mavericks, a true story of a young man knowing what he wanted, to surf Maverick, Jake had a vision and with help from his mentor Frosty, set daily goals in order to attain his dream.
It is easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of really nothing. Even in retirement, I've witnessed that we can be happy with a walk, golfing and happy hour. While good, there is more! We were all created with a passion for something to share with the world! What is it? The possibilities are limitless. Once we have the vision, we can reach the goal, simply by taking many baby steps forward. But with a goal, they're all pointed in the same direction! 

And now my friend, you are living a life full of joy and passion! 

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