Thursday, June 23


"If I could find someone to rent the house and water the plants, I'd be on the road!" I nonchalantly announced to my two daughters, without even really realizing that I had said it.

Well, two days later, I met a young women who had contacted me and two days after that… she moved in and I moved out! Holy Crap! It really does matter what you think and say!

She was to stay for 3 months and so I made plans for an Evolve to Live 2016 Summer Tour of Hope  After my initial panty twist, "You're going to what?"  I decided to visit all 5 satellite ETL Retreat Spaces while collecting stories of amazing people who have had the courage to make life changes that made them happy. But how was I going to visit them all, as they stretched internationally including, Canada, Ireland and Switzerland? I had no idea. But I continue to believe that anything is possible.


I gave my two weeks notice at my job and am currently housesitting until I'm finished with work. I was to leave on my tour this weekend when my renter emailed me that she was going to look for another place to live. Initial thought! "OH SHIT! Now… no job… no income… now what?" The mind-fucking began… It's not too late to go back to my job and stay home for the summer…  OR…I could take the higher road and stay true to my intention and practice what I preach, TRUST, LET GO and RECEIVE! So I decided that it's not too late to TRUST that God/The Universe knows more than I do and will watch over the Riverbend Retreat Center and my finances. 

I am familiar with God/ The Universal tricking us into trusting. Several years back my daughter left her job in Chicago as a basketball referee with the unwritten promise she'd been in the running to be a NBA referee. However, when she made the move, the job offer disappeared and she was left with the same "Now what?" Of course, her life changed for the better because of it all, but at the time… it didn't feel like it. 

Today one of my clients asked me, "What are you going to do now?" 
"I'm going to keep my eye on my goal.  The ETL 2016 Summer Tour! and TRUST that everything is in Divine Order…that's all I can do, because I'm not going backwards!" Why? Because if FEELS right! 

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