Monday, October 19


While researching how to develop a success media campaign, I ran across a young company from Scotland and their advice really hit home with me. EVALUATE: ADAPT AND EVOLVE! It really resonated with me because its how ETL got its start. A young priest said to me, "Evolve or die!" And after much contemplation my sentiments became, "You have to evolve if you want to truly live!"

I could see how I could I apply this philosophy not only to my business but that I could also use it in my personal life.

IN BUSINESS: I've been doing ETL since 2011 and haven't made a profit. Now, I've lived a life that I wouldn't have changed one thing about, but as far as growing ETL, it's time to EVALUATE: ADAPT AND EVOLVE!

PERSONALLY: After having time to think about what my aunt said, "You got fat!" I decided to EVALUATE: ADAPT AND EVOLVE! Evaluate: How is what I'm doing working for me? Adapt: what can I do that will help me make some changes in my life? Evolve: How can I implement them in a way that makes sense in my life right now… today?

My conclusion: Now that I've been able (relatively so) to accept my body exactly how it was created to be… can I consciously make decisions about my health… meaning body, mind and soul? And how can I implement staying awake and present in each moment in a balanced way that makes sense?

I'm going to run a triathlon! Why? WHY NOT?

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