Sunday, December 15


Transition back into a normal lifestyle…whatever normal is…has been a bit challenging for me after living my alternative lifestyle for over five years. 

One of the main challenges is making ends meet, just like millions of americans. After I had been in my new apartment for a couple of months, I realized that what I brought in didn't cover what was going out. So one day, I took a day and reviewed the situation and decided to Ask The Question.

The electric company had wanted a $225 deposit and the gas company wanted $70. After discussing the situation with a neighbor, I called and asked the question; Could I get the deposits waived? Simply by asking the question, they both were removed.

Next on the list, cable/internet. I had signed up for it when I was in deep depression, but basic cable is like not having television at all and it was $70. So, I took the box back and spent the next hour on the phone but the bill was waived. 

Lastly in this series, the bank had charged a $34 overdraft fee and I used the same technique. I simply asked the question. 

I make $12 an hour and I would have had to work 28 hours before taxes to pay these charges. Simply by Asking the Question, I was able to make a positive difference in my budget. 

Don't shy away, be bold and ASK THE QUESTION! 

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