Wednesday, June 27

Change is the only Constant

What happened to Pati? As I look back and as has been brought to my attention on several occasions, my last entry was on my birthday! Hmmmmm... To anyone who happens to read these blogs....thank you....and I'm sorry.... As I opened up to write this afternoon, I remembered that I actually had started to write earlier and everything on this blogging site was different! It had changed! What the hell? Dang it! It's what I talk about, but don't let it happen to me, especially in the electronic world. Just as I had gotten used to the other site it no longer familiar. While I know, it has been changed for the better, it is still difficult for me to navigate around.
I just spoke with 2 different clients about this very topic during the past week. What others had done to them. My response was something like this, "Try not to think of it as What they did to you, but what they did for you!" (They gave you an amazing opportunity for growth!) I had been stuck in what they did to me with the change of this blogging site. (Actually, what it did for me is make me not want to write. The amazing opportunity, I needed time off to focus on other projects.) Now, I also see that what they did for me....they got me out of my comfort zone and now in having to learn to navigate a new program, I'm making new discoveries...Just as in life. So, welcome back. I will be blogging about my Self-Care Intensive while staying here in Huntington Beach for a couple of weeks. I've been here since Friday and hadn't written about it because I slip back more than moving forward, but then I realized, that is what Becoming Real is all about....

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