Thursday, June 28

Road Trip - Self Care 101 - An Intensive

Heading out on this road trip to Huntington Beach, CA, I named it: Self-Care 101 - An Intensive. I've attended many intensives over the past 10 years and this seemed perfect. What do I talk about? Exactly what I need in my life! Self-Care. Looking back at the blog I posted around my birthday, over 5 months ago, I have to laugh. I'm STILL working on finding balance in my life. I get obsessed with my eating as well as with my projects. It continues to be all or nothing with me. Eating: I can do The Master Cleanse with no problem, why...because you can only have lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup! It's's nothing! Now I'm trying to do a more gentler cleanse where there are choices to be made....I'm having a lot of trouble. Since I've been here, I've restarted...3 times! So much is about my mind set. In my previous life, when I hardly ever traveled, Road Trip meant FUN! Eat whatever you want! One day I realized that I was on the road more than I was at home, I had to be able to learn how to take care of myself in a new way. Whenever I come back to a familiar place, I always remember the fun places to eat! I have to go there again! This trip the challenge I gave myself, do not go to any familiar places. Do not eat anything from fond memories. Now the question for today is, take a walk with the dog at the beach, go to Bikram Yoga (that's another story) or work on my GPS for Living Playbook. (A companion for the GPS for Living Book) All I can say is that I'm consciously aware and I'm working on balance! Have a FUNtabulous Day!

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