Monday, February 6


I took my first day off of work on my birthday...Feb. 1. I had met a lady at a Dream Workshop and she called to ask if I wanted to go to the Petroglyphs that I had told her about on my birthday....YES! She invited 2 other ladies, one a Shaman....

After a short detour....(you’ll love this Deb) because I couldn’t exactly remember where they were....I sort of just head out in the direction I want to go...eventually I get there:)

We began to walk towards the indian writings and everyone was in awe of the spiritual feeling of the land. We energetically asked permission to pass, leaving tobacco and sage as an offering. The message was, “Anyone with open hearts are free to pass.”

When we got to the petroglyphs, the Shaman offered a ritual for me, on my day. We stood in a circle while she sang and chanted in Native tongue. It was very touching.

Coyote, owl and hummingbird were also present. There was a grandfather mesquite tree and a grandmother barrel cactus, complete with a crown of yellow flowers. (Unusual for this time of year.)

I held you and your intentions in my heart on my special day.....

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  1. Oh Yeah, boy do I know that comment.... " it was around here last time" hahahaah. I am so pleased you had a wonderful birthday!