Tuesday, November 22


We’re coming up on the holidays and spending condensed time with family and friends can be a little hectic.

While I don’t spend much time concerning myself with the alignment of the stars, this month’s blog from Simone was particularly interesting to me because of the timing and one of the themes I continue to work on is clear-direct-communication.

I was reading Simone’s Astrology blog and thought the information may be interesting to you. From now until 2 weeks after Dec. 14, things may be a bit challenging....in all forms of communications, from electronics to in person. I find comfort in knowing that when life has bumps...it can simply be that we’re just in a cycle and this too shall pass. The following is a blurb from Simone’s blog. (www. astroalchemy.com)

What is a retrograde? It's the time when a planet appears to be traveling backwards in its orbit around the sun. It's an optical illusion. Relative from our point of view on Earth, it appears sometimes that a planet will stop and go backwards, (retrograde motion), and then stop again and go forward (direct motion).

For Mercury, this happens usually three times a year, and when it does, you can expect the unexpected.

This month, Mercury goes retrograde on November 25th, and then direct on December 14. HOWEVER, the effect of the retrograde actually can be felt two weeks prior to it hitting us with both barrels, and then hang around for another two weeks until its completed. I find that the phase going into and coming out of the retrograde can be more of a challenge then the actually time spent in the retrograde.

It is a time when things appear to be going backward. Communications of all forms, electronics, as well as travel plans come under the retrograde. You will find that phones, computers, printers, vehicles, machinery of all sorts of items will act out at this time. Communications of all forms are problematic, so best say what you need in person as phone, letters etc, tend to get messed up and or lost.

You will restart things over and over, best to just put them on hold until the retrograde is over. Just a time of getting you to be patient really it gives us ideas, that will be by the time the retrograde is over seem to be much more perfected then our first thoughts.

So there you have it! Take a rest and enjoy the ride! Seems like things will begin to settle down, just in time for the New Year!

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