Friday, November 18


Yesterday, the house recorded and the Riverbend Retreat House has closed it’s doors, the doors to my past have been closed, however, not forgotten and not without deep gratitude. But healed in a way that allows me to move forward.

When I received the call that all was final....there was a twinge in my heart of sadness and the tears continue to flow involuntarily. But I’ve come to appreciate the fact that when the tears are here...for the first time, I’m in my body...feeling! And that’s good!

Early this AM I woke for a brief moment with the vision of my mentor’s weekly email Sabbath Moments....and the word FREEDOM flashed in front of my face! Ah, yes, letting go opens new doors, new opportunities! The John Denver song Eagles & Horses came to my mind....”The body is merely the shell of my soul....I had a vision of eagles and horses....."

Just yesterday, I had a job offer on the table for managing The Floating Stone, a lovely spa, inn and retreat center...and I had my first lunch like, hmmmmmm...forever! And I actually went!

I had a vision of eagles and horses, high on a ridge in a race with the wind....going higher and higher, faster and faster, on eagles and horses, I’m flying again....

Thank you to all, for your love and support in helping me to move forward....I love you!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! yayaya, I am so happy for you to be in this place in your journey!

    Hugs, deb