Monday, November 30


What I came away from this past weekend was an amazing adventure and refreshed perspective on life.

But mostly, because no one was available, it became clear to me that my children… while always welcoming towards me…. have lives of their own and it was about time that I got one too!

Sometime back, I had taken a trip up the west coast, into the Pacific Northwest and back down through central California. I explained to my shaman, "It felt like I was taking a net and somehow embracing the whole area. It seemed like I was tucking all the children in bed. They were all fine…. It was now time for me to be fine as well. Pursuit my dreams and goals."

That was two years ago and I found that I was being reminded of that lesson AGAIN! My Higher Guidance was saying, "Everyone is fine… are you? Everyone has a journey. It's not yours to live or to analyze." When I can stop living my life through my children, I have the freedom to live my own life…. and that's scary!

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