Monday, November 9


"Good Luck… Bad Luck… Who Knows"…the farmer whose horse ran away exclaimed! The whole town thought he had Bad Luck and then his horse brought back a beautiful mare! Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows? Sometimes it's simply a matter of perspective.

Not enough seats on the airline… Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows? I could go back home…with the safety of a seat… or I could give it up and begin a new adventure! Adventure it is! Good Luck? Who Knows?

Two of my children lived in SoCal and after a couple of phone calls, I realized that I was on this adventure alone! No one was available to pick me up at the airport and there were zero seats on any flights to Tucson from San Diego, Orange County or LAX until Monday, and I now had a job to be back to by then.

"Oh… What bad luck! I should have stayed on the plane!" (One could have thought!)

"What the fuck?"… crossed my mind for a hot second and then I remembered… "Hey, you've got this! It's just like in 2009 when you got rid of everything that didn't fit into a 22" suitcase and backpack… including my car… and you relied on public transportation, traveling where the doors opened and many times in countries that didn't speak English!"  (Read more in my latest book, A Year in a Suitcase!)

I gave myself a little pep talk. "You've got this! At least you know the language!"  I proceeded to the information desk and asked how could I get to the Big OC via public transportation. Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows? (to be continued)

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