Monday, November 16


Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows? … Public Transportation! Good Luck!

I found my way to the information booth in the airport and asked how I could get to the Big OC, via public transportation.

"You can take the city bus to the train station downtown," the older women said with a smile. "You can catch it right out Door 19. It's just over there," she said as she pointed in the direction I should go. Oh, What Good Luck! Next stop Amtrack Train Station! The bus stopped right across the street from the station and I was grateful I had checked my bag, something I never do! Hummmm…Good Luck? I boarded the bus, found my seat when a family speaking only spanish boarded. After a period of time, it was apparent they didn't have the correct change and so I offered them $5, which I happened to have. Good Luck?  They gratefully accepted and the other passengers applauded. I've been there! Not speaking the language and not understanding the protocol.

With just my backpack, I walked towards the station and I could see a sign… too far away… what did it say?  …Trains down for maintenance during the month of October!... Oh What Bad Luck! Many  questions later, I discovered that they had employed the services of luxury bus lines that would take me non-stop to the Big OC for $22! And it was leaving straight away… As I sat in the front seat high above the traffic we whizzed by all the traffic, I thought… "Oh What Good Luck!"But wait… Who Knows?

Quickly after arriving at the station in Irvine, I found there were no city buses running. Bad Luck? Then I remembered my daughter had told me about Uber and I had recently downloaded the mobile app. I punched a button on my phone in within three minutes, an enchanting young college student picked me up and we had a delightful conversation.  All for only $20! One text to my daughter and the garage door magically opened and I spent the afternoon with puppy at the beach. It was also her birthday weekend and so I was able to celebrate with her, in person!  Oh What Good Luck!…Who Knows? (to be continued)

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