Sunday, March 17


Stupid Boy...the song performed on The Voice by winner Cassadee Pope, played over and over in my mind as I frantically threw my things into my car as the owner of the house I was sitting for came home right on schedule. LOL! But...trusting what others were telling me, instead of myself, I wasn't prepared! I hadn't listened to what I knew  to be true and what my intuition was telling me. 

I knew the owner was coming home on Tuesday, making Monday evening my last night in my last housesitting gig.     I knew this! 

However, after having dinner with the 82 year old male owner who was staying at a local retirement community while his wife took a vacation with her daughter told me that his wife was spending the night in SFO on Tuesday and picking him up on Wednesday morning. When a neighbor concurred I  called the son-in-law who also agreed. 

I went away for the afternoon and got a sick feeling in my stomach. I knew that I needed to return to the house. Yep, you guessed it....the wife was home with my stuff still there! YIKES! 

I like to have everything cleaned and ready when the owners return. I felt embarrassed as I ran around like a maniac trying to get everything cleaned without looking like a mad-woman! 

Of course, it had nothing to do with stupid simply was a reminder for me to trust what I know! 

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