Sunday, March 3

Let Go of Expectations and Celebrate! Your Way!

One of my favorite books used to be The Discipline of Celebration! I was a young mother  at the time and who had time to celebrate? 

But as I've gotten older and have become a Self-Care & Transition Specialist, I have come to appreciate the power of  Celebration! 

A friend of mine was getting ready to retire from a major airlines. Her expectations of how her last interview would look and the reality of what really happened were miles apart. 

Leaving her retirement interview, she felt sort of dismissed and unappreciated for all the years of service she had provided for the company. 

My friend is the ultimate in understanding and putting into practice what celebration and self-care look like. So she went across the street from her hotel, got two chocolate shakes, a hamburger, onion rings and walked back to the hotel to split them with her husband. On the side walk she found a perfectly shaped round stone, which she quickly picked up and claimed as her gift from The Universe for the completion of many years of dedicated service and adventure that working for the airlines had afforded her. 

In life, if we can let go of your expectations of how we think something should be or look and accept them for how they are, we will save ourselves many little disappointments!

We've got to make the moments special ourselves!  Seize the moment and CELEBRATE everything you do!  Celebrate the many micro-movements forward in life....heck just celebrate that fact that we're pointed in the right direction...or not! LOL

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