Monday, December 19


I recently got a new job...something that is relatively new for me, since ‘Life Happened’ to me eleven years ago. I consciously made a decision that I would work as many hours as I needed for one month to see if I couldn’t get this beautiful, one of a kind (in the USA anyway) ionized water, Aqua Spa, on its feet.

Being a recovering workaholic, I knew the challenge would be taking time off. The local Cheers Bar owner had organized a trip to Tucson to see the WinterHaven Lights. There were several choices that one could use to see the lights. On foot, trolly, horse and wagon and hay wagon! I’m very happy to report we (old foggies) took the trolly. A great choice as it was raining BIG Time! Wait! I’m in the desert....where’s the sun????

Living in the desert has it’s own sense of holiday magic....the illuminaries are quiet beautiful. However there is something to be said for the traditional Christmas trees and lights. I’m happy I took the time to get away with some friends and experience a bit of the Christmas Magic. Wishing you joy and magic this holiday season!

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