Thursday, December 8


Shamanic Astrology saved my life.....not literally, but REALLY close! When my life fell apart, the church said, “Give more, do more, pray more.....keep smiling!” The doctors said, “You’ll be fine, we’ll give you hormones, anti-depressants and sleeping pills! (Uh, you did that for my mother and my sister and their both thanks!)

But what I have since found out that when ‘life happens!’ the invitation is to ‘become real’ to know who we are on a soul level, who we were created to be and that doesn’t happen quickly or easily....even The Velveteen Rabbit wanted to become real without all of the ‘sad’ things happening to him!

I was so desperate for some answers and I knew someone had to know something about this thing we call life! A friend said "You should call Daniel Giamario!” “Give me the number!,” and I drove to Portland, Oregon (I lived in California) to see him. He was the first person who had anything to say that I could relate to at that time in my life.

Over ten years later, I call this man my friend and I am still singing the praises of knowing our own personal cycles in our lives and how when we are consciously moving through life, God/The Universe supports our choices every time!

As I was researching my second book, GPS for Living, Navigating Through Life, (Now for sale:) it became more evident to me about the cycles in our lives and as the bible says in Ecclesiastics, ‘There is a season for everything, under heaven.’

We can easily see in nature that everything has a life cycle. Easily recognizable are the butterflies, frogs, starfish, moon and plants. We even know that we as humans have a cycle in our lives, from infancy to adulthood, but what is more intriguing is the cycles in our lives that we may not be aware of.

There are cycles in our lives when we are to rest and times when all the doors are open and we can move forward without resistance. There are many cycles that have the same characteristics and they just cycle around, each time giving up another opportunity to go deeper, getting lessons that our souls have come to experience.

Spending 5 days in an intensive learning more about timelines I came to see clearer that we all have age appropriate timelines as well as personal cycles that are unique to us all as individuals. Once again Shamanic Astrology gives everyone permission to be who they are and appreciates the fact that everyone has their own unique gifts to share with the world and their own unique time to share it in.

If you find your body wanting to rest simply honor that, knowing that~this too shall pass:) and all too soon the cycles will change and you’ll be full speed ahead, but this time, fully present because you honored the rest your cycle was offering.

Happy honoring of the cycles in your life!!!


  1. Fantastic post. Love you taking the step to market your new wonderful book. I love it! Good job! Everyone could learn some positive lessons from your books. Cheers! Deb

  2. You’re the BEST!!!! Thank you my dear friend on the journey of LIFE!