Tuesday, January 24

3AM, When the Angels Walk

The spirits live in nature all around us. Listen with your heart, you will understand.

Do you find yourself awake in the wee hours of the morning? Do you find it irritating? Instead of thinking it’s something that needs to be fixed, perhaps you could see it as a time of Divine Intervention, that you’ve been invited to expand what you currently know and understand. Here’s my story.

When I was going through a major life change, every morning at 3AM I’d wake up and write. From this journaling, I began to gain clarity in my life and later came to see that it was divinely orchestrated. Although I was working in the Catholic Church at the time, from my dad and sister’s involvement with a metaphysical church, I already knew the veil was thin at 3AM and that we can connect more easily with the angels, our higher self and those on the other side at that time. But they told me things that were beyond my comprehension at the time. That astral travel and lucid dreaming were prevalent then as well. And as I was beginning to get in touch with my own intuition, I knew that spiritual activity in the physical world was also more prominent at 3AM. But I wanted to know more so I did what I do and used all life as a mirror.

I looked up 3AM on the Chinese Medicine Clock, as I wanted to know what was happening in our bodies at that time. I discovered the lungs were clearing. Knowing that the emotion of lung is grief, I asked the question “What do I need to know?” And then I listened. I paid attention… to songs that I noticed, words that came into my awareness, animals that crossed my path and signs that stood out. Really, I just began to get present in each moment.

Then I paid attention to what I was feeling. And asked myself “Where is there grief, present in my life today?” Then I took it one step further and followed the thread back to the original wound, sometime earlier in life, perhaps childhood where I had ignored, forgotten or buried grief that I wasn’t able to deal with at the time.  Now I know that, that’s exactly where the healing needs to take place in order for the current grief to be healed.  I now know that we attract current life situations that repeat themselves, trying to get us to see where we’ve been wounded and not healed. (By the way, you can use this technique for any current life situation that you feel stuck in.)

Then, I looked up the number 3 to see what the Angel Numbers had to say and repeated the same sequence. I asked, “What do I need to know?” And again I would listen and watch for a word, phrase or sentence that caught my attention. The trick is to use everything as guidance but to really check in with ourselves and see what is true for us each as individuals. Just because someone says that 3 means… whatever, it’s really about what’s happening in your life that would indicate what 3 means to you. There are no right or wrong answers.

The number three refers to the Trinity. It is also the number of the Ascended Masters. (Jesus, Mary, Saints, Buddha… Spiritually enlightened beings who walked this earth, undergone a series of spiritual transformations and have a mission to support humans in their evolution. Ascended Masters are any spiritual beings that you connect with personally.) They respond to prayers, protect and assist us with finding our purpose in life.

If you find yourself awake at 3AM you might try to ask breathe and relax into it, seeing it as a gift rather than an irritation, something that needs to be fixed. Ask the angels, “Is there anything I need to know.” And then, as the wise tree in Pocahontas said, Listen with your heart, you will understand.

Thanks, Pati,
I try to pay attention and ask those questions as well.  It's very interesting.  When I was out walking in the desert after I knew the house next door was sold,  I was looking for "signs" and I had to laugh as I came across an actual metal sign stuck in a cactus.  It was white and blank!  I said, 'Ok, so you sent me a sign!"  The universe has a great sense of humor!  But "where is my house?"  Just then I noticed a crow hanging around in the air and cawing and cawing and he landed just in the mesquite by me and kept cawing.  I said to the crow "ok do you have something to tell me?  Where is my house?"  He cawed and flew a short distance to the southeast.  "Oh, I said, so it is over there, and not far?"  At that time I was aware of two properties just over on Kolb road that I wanted to see- a few miles east.  So I made appointments to see them - although we liked both of the properties for different reasons there were many drawbacks and neither felt quite right to me.  Today we went closer to Vail - still south off Sahuarita Road, and I think we found our place... Stay tuned and I'll let you know if we get it.  Thanks crow.

Sometimes the signs are literal!

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