Thursday, August 13


Recently, I drove 10,000 miles in 1 month in my little Sentra. I had an outline of where I was going, but let God/The Universe support my desires as they surfaced. 

I started near the Mexican border, headed west to So Cal; drove up to Oakland and then Grass Valley, where I picked up a friend. We headed east to New Hampshire, where I dropped her off and continued to Toronto, Canada, where I picked up my friend from Ireland. He and I continued on to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. I had previously decided that I needed to go to Nova Scotia, with no idea why. One morning on the TV someone was being interviewed and said that he went to Halifax, Nova Scotia twice a year. So we headed east and found an Irish Pub where we discovered there was a car ferry to Portland, Maine. We continued on to Niagara Falls and the journey eventually took me through Canada and down through Upper Peninsula, Michigan and down through Wisconsin where we attended an Indian Pow Wow for July 4th. We continued south through Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and ended up in Arizona. 

A Magical Mystery Tour; that is our life! We are the co-creators/bus drivers of our life and we get to decide how we want it to look and where we want to go. This first step is simply to  

Get Clear with your desires. What will you create? What brings you joy? What makes you smile?  Don't make excuses or block the flow of energy because you can't understand how it could possibly happen. 

Then, set back, let go and trust… You can't make a mistake! There are no wrong turns. Whichever road you choose will lead you to adventure and growth.

Get Clear… Be Clear with your intention…. write it down… and watch the Magic Happen!!! 

Happy Creating! 

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