Wednesday, October 9

It's been two weeks since I've moved into my new apartment and started a new job. While the job is fun and exciting, the new apartment is stressful and lonely.

I remind myself often that I chose the journey of being a nomad and now I'm consciously choosing this journey of having my own place and acquiring new skills.

All my friends are kind and want to help me get settled in, but as I told them, "This isn't like "I'm getting married or having a baby! Party!" This is very stressful and it's taking some getting used to on my part. After all, even the statics say that moving is the 3rd biggest stress in ones life. (Why can't it be fun and exciting like it was for my cousin recently?)

For me, all diversions have been removed. I have no tv, not internet and to be honest, I'm so tired after work, after several exercise classes a day, I just go to bed.

A short meditation played on my iphone tonight as I drove home and it was about the Cancer sign, nurturing and caring. It came to me that I need to be Cancer for not only myself, but my latest book. I resolved then and there to adopt a new attitude and to do whatever it takes to put me and my project first, just like any good mother would do for her young.

I know that I am fully supported by my family and friends. And I watch in awe daily as I witness first hand the support from Spirit. I continue on knowing that I am in choice in every moment. 

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