Saturday, January 21

Shamanic Dream Travel

Last weekend I attended a Shamanic Dream Workshop. I’d never heard of this kind of workshop, but when it was mentioned to me, I knew that I was attending!

I ended up car pooling with a friend and on the first day, I left my drum on the table in front of the store where I was being picked up. Someone (from the circle) saw it at lunch time and brought it back to the workshop, asking if anyone had lost it. I never heard the announcement. After the workshop was over, I emailed the lady in charge asking if I had left it behind. She gave me the email of Bill...We were surprised at how it all unfolded.

He emailed the group telling his story. He had taken the drum back with him to Venice, CA....:) I think my drum wanted a vacation to the beach, I actually never take it when I go! Bill had said that he knew from one of his dream journeys he needed to pare down in his life. Of course my books have suggestions about this:)

So Bill, gave my drum life and I’m sharing with him my work...something that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t lost my drum and he hadn’t taken it home!

The following is my response to Bill’s last email:
Just to add to Bill's note:
I didn't know that my drum was missing….I was riding with a friend…thought I had left it in her car….in my car….at my house….etc.
What is more interesting….I didn't hear Bill announce he had found a drum either…..
I've concluded that my drum needed to be with Bill and his energy and I'm grateful! He's given her a gender….her:)….I think that she had to leave for me to appreciate her fully…While she's been on some powerful journey's with me, admittedly, she did some a lot of time on the shelf…thank you Bill….
Thank you everyone!
See you in dreamtime….

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