Monday, January 8

A Golden... Not to be missed...Opportunity!

Already slipped up on your New Year's Resolution? No worries! 2018 provides us with a second, even better chance, and it's coming right up. A potent window of time occurs in the next few days, one that provides a powerful imprint on the coming months. It's an incredible opportunity to focus on the specifics of what we want to materialize this year. 

A Mars-Jupiter alignment in Scorpio gives surges of energy and slings our intent forward, while strongly supporting a Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which is every bit as scary as it sounds. 

No withering or dithering now! Be clear what you want, and set in motion the process that will make it so. Grab the reins of your own destiny with this powerful configuration which peaks on Monday and Tuesday, January 8-9. A not-to-be-missed opportunity, so make it matter. 

A reprint from my good friend, Linea Van Horn, Astrologer at Large. Contact her at 415.418.9677


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