Saturday, May 20

Impossible. A trip to Europe. Places that I thought "If I never go back, I'll be glad to have seen them."

It was a trip that was magical. Why? Because while I set the intention, my dear friend planned and organized it, exactly how I had it pictured. 

Not everyone would have trusted what I was feeling. After all, it was a train trip that stopped in each destination for only one afternoon/evening and morning. 

Some would say, "Well, that's not enough time to do anything!" And I would argue, "It was the perfect time to feel everything!" True enough, it wasn't a typical holiday of checking off the list - sight seeing. 

I flew into Dublin and my friend met me at the airport and we flew to Barcelona to the Basilica Sagrada Familia, a church over 133 years in the making with another 30 years to go. What started off as a little holiday ended up to be a very powerful pilgrimage, ending with an audience with the Pope at St. Peter's in Rome. (Completely by accident... or was it?)

Leaving Barcelona we headed to Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Florence and Rome. Pure magic! Why? Because we had no agendas and very little time in each location. We would roll into town, put our backpacks in our rooms and set out on foot, walking 6-8 hrs each day. Because in Europe there seems to be a Basilica, Arch Basilica, Cathedral or Church on nearly every block, we were in the energy of masterful artists.

Four restful, walking days in Killarney and then north for a 4 day retreat at a Hara Krishna community. A visit with a friend in Dublin learning about fermentation, then one more day in Maynooth before heading back to the states. 

The take-away: I don't have a desire to go back sightseeing but I would go and live at any of the places for a month or two.

What's your next adventure? Dream it up... don't get in the way of the flow of energy, just because you can't understand how it can possibly work out... then watch the universe work it's magic! 

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