Wednesday, December 21


Happy Winter Solstice, first day of winter, officially arriving at 2:44AM, PST. It's my favorite day of the year. Why? It's a day of Hope! While the shortest day of the year, it promises that just tomorrow, we'll have more light! We may be teased with just a minute or two each day, but one day soon, we'll wake up and suddenly be surprised by all the light!

I used to hate the winter months when I was younger and yet now, it has become my favorite time of year, if not weather wise, certainly personal growth wise. The shorter days are conducive to much needed rest and the chilly nights invite us to stay indoors, bundled up, doing less and resting more.

The winter season is in full support of our pausing, perhaps taking inventory from the previous year, deciding what changes are we'd like to make in our lives. There's time for contemplation and letting our creative juices flow.

Yes, yes, yes... we're smack dab in the middle of the Holiday Madness, so resting probably isn't high on your list of things that are possible, even though you may feel the need deep in your soul. 

But you don't want to miss this season of rejuvenation, so while you may not feel like it's possible to take some much needed rest right now, perhaps you can steal away a few moments, to release a little stress right now. Just for a few moments...  Deep breathe in... May the Light increaseth your heart, ... Breath out... let all the stress and tension melt away... Her endless blessings nourish and fill everyday of your life!   Repeat as needed:))

Then after the holiday hustle and bustle, make yourself a promise to take some time, just for you! Need help deciding what that could look like? Contact me and we'll discuss the possibilities. 

Happy Resting! 

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