Sunday, October 5


it doens't matter
it doesn't matter what the soul uses for it's growth
all paths lead to growth and adventure

what matters is that you're awake and conscious while moving through whatever it is that you're moving through

it doesn't matter if I buy the house or not
it doesnt' matter if I leave on a trip or not

it doesn't matter if you loose or make's the is a's not a destination....once you think you've're done! 
one you move, buy the house, get the job or have the baby....what's next? 

and as long as we stay in our comfort zones....we stay complacent...we think we know...we move through life rotely...

what's around the riverbend? 

it doens't matter if I stay or go...

what matters is that I am paying attention to the little voices inside....what are they saying...who is hurting, who is scared, who needs to be loved, who needs to feel safe

it's simply the soul's journeyevolution

Embrace Change: Adventure is out there! 

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